Mike always puts time and effort into working in with the goals I'm wanting to achieve at that given time, whether it be rehab work, strength based, boxing, running or even a fun bootcamp to keep me motivated, he always has it covered.

He has kept encouraging and supporting me during our lockdown period, setting me challenges and goals to achieve whilst being at home.

Mike is a one of a kind Coach. He has gone through 2 major rehabs with me. One being a double mastectomy and the other a total gastrectomy. With only 11 months between the 2 surgeries Mike had his work cut out for him, but he did research to better understand each of my surgeries and what the recoveries would involve. My surgeon was blown away and commend Mike for the work he was doing with me after my mastectomy because I had full movement back long before they thought possible. Mike provided me with exercises that I could do at home that kept me moving right through to now with my strength based workouts.

If you are looking for a coach that will help you achieve your goals, support and motivate you, then I couldn't recommend Mike highly enough


Jenna Barrowcliffe


I chose to sign up to train with Mike from Sustainable Fitness over 2 years ago. I was weighing in at 135kg and was heading towards major health problems and knew I needed to do something. Over the previous two- and a-bit years Mike has coached me into the fittest and healthiest I have ever been in my life. I weigh in at 95kg and am now looking at a long and healthy future. Yes, I invested a lot of money into Mike, but what he has given me in terms of health and good habits is worth more than what my training cost. If you want to invest in your future then do what I did, you won’t look back.

Mark Raines

Mac testimonial.jpg

"I used to believe that having a personal trainer was a waste of money because it is up to you if you want to work out or not... but I guess I was wrong!!

Having Brooke White as my PT has been the best decision I have made this year. She is so knowledgeable and helpful in every single aspect. She has a holistic focus, which have been so amazing because she doesn’t only help me with my physical health and nutrition but my mental health, too!


Brooke is so supportive and always pushing me to reach my goals!"



Olivia Willis.jpeg

"When I first joined the gym, I felt so unconfident and nervous as I’d never worked out in a gym environment before and didn’t even know how to use the machines. After training with Brittney for just 8 weeks my confidence levels have grown so much, and I not only feel stronger physically, but I believe in myself as well.


Brittney has been such an amazing support to me with her positive and encouraging attitude. She’s shown me that I can achieve my goals and consistently made me feel valued and important rather than just another client.


I would recommend Brittney to literally anyone as she knows how to make exercise feel enjoyable, is kind and super motivating!"

-Olivia Willis


A great online Personal Trainer, Mike encourages exercising smarter and working out with confidence.
I found Mikes workouts were designed to suit my needs and strengths that have helped me overcome injuries, gain strength and stay healthy.
I would highly recommend contacting Mike, he listens to your needs and his skills will help you to workout online from anywhere, anytime.

Christine Barns


Mike you have truly supported me to remain focused with a consistent, positive approach to my exercise program. And that was no easy feat as I'm not your natural athlete...
I started out with Mike as my personal trainer, since joining his group fitness boot camps and recently online sessions while in lockdown (covid 19)
Mike has a true passion and commitment to support his clients and within days of going into lockdown, he seamlessly transitioned us to online exercising remotely, tracking our daily workouts and in regular contact via Facebook groups and with him directly.
Mike is so genuine it makes it easy to discuss any challenge or barriers to your fitness progress..
his subtle follow ups and additional weekly challenges keeps it fun ensuring none of us loose our exercise momentum
And most of all he loves what he does, always something new to try, pushes you to your limit and his passion never falters ..
You are a True legend...
Thanks for everything

Jacqui Haywood


I have been a client of Mike's for over a year now and have had amazing results. He asks all the right question regarding goals and outcomes but has always been available via phone or email when I've had an issue or needed further help and has always checked in with me along my journey to ensure I stay motivated and always supported.
I'm proud of how far I have come and excited for how far I will go with mike as my pt. I have lost body fat and gained muscle and am now capable of lifting weights I never dreamt of.

Susan Jensen


I have been training with Mike for around 2 years now and there are many reasons that I have continued to train with Mike. 

It’s all shown through the name “Sustainable Fitness”; Yes I can take up exercise or diet and that’ll get me a smaller figure and lose weight really fast however that doesn’t maintain it. 

Restricting yourself on food or increasing your workout can only work for a short amount of time without the correct support and guidance.

What I find to be the most satisfactory is that now I’m able to lift heavier weights than I used to be able too, I'm able to walk up the mount without failing at the first 2 minutes and completing exercises that once gave me difficulty. 

That’s what sustainability is about. 

Sustaining your health and fitness through your everyday life that enables you to continue to see results long term. Mike motivates me and will always help out when I’m not able to get to the gym or have no access to the gym due to my personal commitments. He gives me guidance for what exercise I can do at home and alternative ways to do it if I don’t have certain equipment and always offers very well thought out advice on ways to increase your intensity and different stretches to help with any part of my body that feels discomfort. 

I highly recommend Sustainable Fitness for anyone who’s wanting to keep active at home.

Mint Makming


Mike is a very experienced and knowledgeable coach who is always willing to help you reach your goals by ensuring that they are sustainable and do not overwork the body. He is always available to answer any questions about anything health and fitness related, and has been my biggest motivator throughout my journey. I have thoroughly enjoyed having Mike as my coach while I continue to evolve into the best version of myself.

Cass Marjoribanks


I started being coached by Mike from Sustainable Fitness a little over a year ago. My goal was to increase my physical fitness and mental health, to tone up and maybe lose a little bit of weight. I can confidently say that all these boxes have been ticked.
Mike has helped me achieve my goals and more with his encouragement and commitment.
I would confidently recommend Mike to anyone of any age looking to make healthy and achievable lifestyle changes.

Leoni Towers


Mike is a fantastic trainer, firm but fair. He keeps me accountable which is just what I need. The sessions are always varied and he pushes me beyond what I think I could do. I'm well on my journey to better health and fitness thanks to Mike.

Sue Vendt


Hello, my name is Sophee and I’ve been training with Mike for around 6 months now and I have loved every part of it. I have been through so many ups and downs on my weight loss journey. I have had problems with my back and knees, which meant any training for me was extremely painful and I was in denial about it. Mike encouraged me to see a physio and also worked alongside him, so I was able to recover faster and safely. This was a massive deal for me as it was something I had put off for so long. The support and tough love Mike gives is exactly what I need. I don’t always have the motivation to go to the gym or exercise, but Mike will see that and make our sessions fun and still kick my butt. I look forward to our sessions and I highly recommend him to anyone that is considering personal training. Mike has become a friend to me, not just my personal trainer!

Sophee Ramsay


I have been training with Mike for over a year now, after joining a friend with one of her sessions. Was one of the best decision I have made!
Mike is focused on helping me achieve my goals and doesn't let me slack off! He is very helpful and has a vast knowledge of his profession.
Would highly recommend Mike in a heartbeat for personal training.

Gemma Larson


Early November 2017  I decided after 6 years of not exercising

to take the plunge of joining the Snap Fitness Gym in Waihi Road

Tauranga under a Personal Trainer, Michael Colville.

This took a little persuasion, as I am in my mature years, but with

Michaels dedication of a Personal Trainer to help and encourage me and also the friendliness of the gym...I was on my way.

My goal was to be guided with exercise, nutrition and general health wellbeing and also a change in lifestyle habits, but also something that

I would enjoy doing for myself long term.

 I knew my only way to succeed was to come under a Personal Trainer and that person to me had to be very encouraging, motivational and willing to help and understand  me through the journey of achieving my goals and to continue to help me also.

Michael got me kick-started by guiding me through the 6 week challenge, this

motivated me a lot and I have come through that with great results and

this has given me the motivation to carry on with something I now really enjoy doing.

To come through the challenge, feeling great, changing some habits,

and receiving comments how good I look, gives one a great feel of achievement.

May this be part of my day to day life now...

and Michael's dedication is one to be highly recommended, a PT

trainer who makes one feel very comfortable  but also enjoys seeing

the results his clients achieve.

Raewyn Boyd



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