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I have spent years building my business around sustainability. I believe that through the proper guidance and coaching, we can guide someone into healthy eating and training habits that will allow them to enjoy the finer things in life all while developing a strong and mobile body. We need to plan for the long term, not the short. Getting coached to make small changes over time will benefit us greatly later in life. My clients progress and happiness speaks for itself.

Mike Colville | Sustainable Fitness





When one becomes coached and educated through a process, they are able to completely change their mindset around what they thought they were able to achieve, allowing them to do more than they believed possible

How does this relate to you and your work place?

Exercising and eating healthy isn't just about getting in shape. There are many more benefits that will help us not only with life at home, but our work productivity as well.

Combining physical benefits associated with exercise

Reduce the risk of certain diseases

-Type 2 diabetes



-Heart disease

Improve your cardio vascular health

-Improve stamina
-More energy

-Improve balance and coordination

Improve strength

-Body will use energy more efficiently 
-Increase bone density
-Reduce risk of osteoporosis 
-Increase metabolism

With the mental benefits

Increase productivity

-Increased blood flow to the brain
-Sharpen awareness
-Boost cognitive abilities

Mental health

-Improve your mood
-Help curb feelings of anxiety and depression
-Increase serotonin
-Handle stress more effectivly

Increase Energy

-Feel more awake
-Sleep better
-Combat the mid day slump

Then add the effects of educated nutritional practices

Physical Benefits

-Reduce body fat
-Strengthen muscles
-Reduce risk of some cancers and diabetes
-Improve heart health
-Stroke prevention


Mental Benefits

-Improve your mood
-Improved memory
-Help curb hunger feelings and cravings
-Increased energy


-Learn what foods suit you
-Importance of protein
-Use what you learn to educate your family

Through a combination of the above we can help improve not only an individuals health but also work place health and productivity as a whole


It’s all shown through the name “Sustainable Fitness”; Yes I can take up exercise or diet and that’ll get me a smaller figure and lose weight really fast however that doesn’t maintain it.

That’s what sustainability is about. 

Sustaining your health and fitness through your everyday life that enables you to continue to see results long term.

Mint - Client

Here is how we are going do it 

Have you ever tried to create or improve on one of your exercise or nutritional habits?

Did you maintain that habit for a long duration to not only get the result you were after, but to maintain it?

If you didn’t even achieve or maintain this result then don’t feel bad, chances are you might have only been told how to get to the goal and not how to maintain it!

Here at Sustainable Fitness we will coach you how to form and develop these habits.

This 6 week program will give you the tools you need to do this.



The program will deliver regular coaching videos and content​ - Each coaching session is designed to fit easily into your busy life and will take you one step closer to developing your sustainable nutrition and training habits.

The Sustainable Fitness Nutrition and Exercise System​ – You will be given workout programs I have designed that work around the development of our nutritional habits, the two must go hand and hand.




The Sustainable Fitness App - You will have access to our full list of features we have available at your finger tips 24/7. Including workout programs, nutritional information and education, plus all coaching, training's and progress tracking.

Access to the members only Facebook group​ - Meet other Sustainable Fitness clients and join the community, plus we host weekly Q&A’s and give out bonus content.

All content is sent directly to you.
There is no requirement to belong to any kind of gym. Training programs will be given for home training and also gym based training.

We are looking forward to working with you
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