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A great way to start building your healthy habits

Are you wanting to create healthier eating habits?

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Have you ever tried to improve on one of your habits, maybe tried to be more active or go on a diet?

Did you maintain that habit for a long duration to not only get the result you were after, but to maintain it?

If you didn’t even achieve or maintain this result then don’t feel bad, chances are you might have only been told how to get to the goal and not how to maintain it!

If you would like to be coached on how to form sustainable habits, then we can help

Our 10 Day Change Your Habits System will help coach you to building sustainable habits

We firmly believe that in order to maintain a good nutritional habit we should not cut out all so called bad foods, we need to be able have things we enjoy, we just need to change how we look at them.


Having your favourite food and not feeling like you have fallen off the wagon, or let yourself down

Check out the testimonials on my website to see how we have helped our clients over the last 5 years

Establish enjoyable eating habits

You would be surprised how you can still work the foods you love into your nutrition.

Improve your mental health

Once we start enjoying what we do, we can begin to work on our positive mindset.

Support every step of the way

You won’t be alone; you will be supported by a qualified coach that has built his business around making sure people are coached correctly.


It’s all shown through the name “Sustainable Fitness”; Yes I can take up exercise or diet and that’ll get me a smaller figure and lose weight really fast however that doesn’t maintain it.

That’s what sustainability is about. 

Sustaining your health and fitness through your everyday life that enables you to continue to see results long term.

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The 10 Day Change Your Habits System with regular coaching videos and content​ - Each coaching session is designed to fit easily into your busy life and will take you one step closer to developing your sustainable nutrition and training habits.

The Sustainable Fitness Nutrition and Exercise System​ – You will be given workout programs I have designed that work around the development of our nutritional habits, the two must go hand and hand.




The Sustainable Fitness members area​ - As a member you’ll receive 10 days access to our private members area. Your program plus all coaching, training's and progress tracking will live here.


The Sustainable Fitness mobile app​ - Have access to your coach 24/7 with all your training's, coaching and more in your pocket


Access to the members only Facebook group​ - Meet other Sustainable Fitness clients and join the community, plus we host weekly Q&A’s and give out bonus content.

Currently getting built hopefully will be ready in time!


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Current Program Full
Next available start date 30/11

Our Promise
If you do not see any benefit out of our program after the 10 days we will give you a 100% refund! 

We only run a limited number of these a year, why wait to join the next one, sign up now and think about where you could be in 2 months’ time by the time the next one starts.